Australia’s Postal Vote was a YES!

There was a huge battle for marriage equality in Australia and now we can finally say that this is going to change quite a lot of things, at least in the way marriage is perceived throughout the continent. The long campaign resulted in a $122 million postal survey.

The survey was completed by around 12.6 million people. Out of them, 7.8 million voted YES and 4.8 million voted NO. Apparently the younger Australians are the ones that wanted this the most, as they had a participation rate of around 78.2%. That really stands out and it goes to show that the same-sex marriage is something accepted by the new generation.

How does this affect us?

According to Malcolm Turnbull, the people have spoken and their beliefs and requirements will be taken into account. So yes, we are now in the process of making same-sex marriage legal in Australia. As you can imagine, this is a dream come true for a lot of people, especially those from the LGBT community that have worked very hard to obtain these results for so many years.

One bill created by MP Dean Smith is already discussed and it seems that it’s widely accepted. Granted, there’s still some legal work to be done, but we will soon get there. Basically, it all comes down to finding the right legal aspect to handle all these things, and the results on their own can be more than ok in the long term for the community.

Same sex couples will be able to make legal decisions for one another, gain custody for their partner’s child and so on. Basically, they will be seen as a regular couple, without any other changes. This means they will have the same power in front of the law, and that’s certainly one of the most important things that the LGBT community always wanted.

Free same sex marriages in Sydney?

The City of Sydney actually has plans to allow same sex marriages rather soon. This is one of those things that will always help the community strengthen quite a lot. And while we still have some ways to go until this will become official, it’s safe to say that all same sex couples which aren’t married just yet are very excited to handle all these things. It’s just clear that it can take quite a lot of time to handle everything in a good and reliable manner

We hope that other countries will follow Australia’s lead and they will allow same sex marriages too. While it’s hard to say which countries will take this into account, one thing is certain! Australia listened to the people, and they have spoken. It’s crucial for same sex marriages to be a part of our society, whether some people like it or not. In the end, it’s a right that every couple has and no one should have their love controlled and restricted in any way!


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