Kirsten & Marie

4th of May 2019

When/Where We Met

We went to the same high school – Kirsten was a year older than Marie & we met through mutual friends at a surprise 18th birthday in July 2006 after Kirsten had graduated. Kirsten knew who Marie was because she used to sing at all the events, but Marie had no idea who Kirsten was. Marie thought Kirsten hated her when they met.

How Long Until You Knew She Was The One

We were very close friends until March 2018, which is when we realised we knew each of us were the one.

Where/Who Proposed

We had been talking about getting married for a while & when the law finally changed, we went ring shopping. When we couldn’t decide on a ring we went to a jeweler & we each had an engagement ring made. Kirsten picked them up one afternoon when Marie was working late. When Marie got home the hallway/kitchen area was full of candles & Kirsten was there on a dropped knee asking her to marry her. Marie, through tears, said yes & then asked Kirsten to marry her.

Dream Wedding Vision

We both wanted a low-key wedding, in a beautiful garden surrounded by our family & closest friends. We wanted lots of flowers, food & dancing and our wedding was exactly that!

The Planning

The planning was super easy! We both knew what we wanted out of a wedding. Only 3 days after we got engaged, we had booked our wedding venue – Gledswood Homestead & Winery on Camden Valley Way, which is only 10 minutes from the house we bought together. We picked everything together, except for Marie’s dress & Kirsten’s suit where they took our bridesmaids & Mums.