James & Sebastian

Wedding of James and Sebastian

James Sebastian Gay Wedding

Sebastian and James met each other at the “Green Park Hotel” in Darlinghurst Sydney on 22nd August 2014.

Sebastian was with his Spanish friends Oscar and Caco. Together they were joking about James being Sebastian’s future husband. Without James’ knowledge, Sebastian posed for a photo with James behind his back.

James was with his friend Lex drinking beer like they had the night before and the night before that and the night before that. Their conversation was distracted by the loud foreigners on the table behind them.

James turned to the group and asked where they were from, then everyone introduced themselves and more beer was drunk. James asked Sebastian for a dance. Caco, to this day still makes fun of Sebastian’s shy dancing that night.

The next day, James realized Sebastian did not understand English and their relationship quickly grew with help from “Google Translate”. Sebastian moved in to his house 6-months later with James’ dog “Rocket”.

Sebastian taught the dog Spanish but James was not as smart as Rocket and is still learning the language when he is not at the pub with Lex.

Sebastian and James were successful in applying for an Australian Partner Visa and travelled to Spain to meet the Barahona Guzman family and friends. Inspired by the love he witnessed, they returned to Australia via New York where James proposed to Sebastian in Oscar’s apartment window (on August 22).


James Sebastian Gay Honeymoon


James introduced his fiancé to his family in South Australia and they embraced Sebastian as one of their own. Peter and his wife Anne, along with their son Ryan and daughter-in-law Olga have travelled from Adelaide to Ibiza to be here with us today; along with James’ aunty Lesley and cousins Laura and Emma.

James and Sebastian’s families are excited to be a part of this celebration that unites two distant and culturally different families together through their love.


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